Selangor state government supports the Abolish ISA Movement

27 May 2008 | Current Affairs | by | 9 Komen

I just got back from the Selangor State Assembly which drew to a close after its opening on Wednesday last week.

The last item on the agenda was a motion by YB Lau Weng San (DAP-Kampung Tunku) to criticise the detention of YB Manoharan (DAP-Kota Alam Shah) under the ISA and calling for the immediate release of all ISA detainees.

The motion was seconded by YB Dr. Nasir Hashim (Keadilan/PSM-Kota Damansara). YB Saari Sungib (PAS-Hulu Kelang) spoke after Dr. Nasir. Both were ISA detainees.

Then, YB Gan Pei Nei (Keadilan-Rawang) and YB Hannah Yeoh (DAP-Subang Jaya) spoke from the perspective of the family of the detainees.

I joined the debate by remarking the historic nature of the debate as not only our existing State Assemblyman for Kota Alam Shah is being detained and two former detainees are sitting Assemblyman, but also that YB Jenice Lee (DAP-Teratai) was born to ISA detainees at the detention camp!

I touched on how Malaysia was so proud of the fact that the Americans and the British came up with similar legislation – namely the Patriot Act and the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act respectively. But we should not be proud of the Western countries aping us if it is for the wrong reasons, and pointed out how similar to Malaysia, Palestinian detainees who were detained without trial increased by leaps and bounds following September 11, 2001, by invoking the War on Terrorism of George W. Bush.

The idea behind detention without trial goes against the tenets of Islam, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights as well as the Federal Constitution. Even the original draughtsman of the law himself has claimed that the ISA in practice has breached the necessary constitutional safeguards and is being abused by the executive.

I ended by talking about the torture that takes place in detention. First, the award of RM2.5 million in damages to former detainee Abdul Malek Hussin and secondly the recent police report of Sanjev Kumar. Sanjev, 25, was arrested in Perak and in the 60 day detention period claimed to have been beaten up including with water-filled bottles, forced to drink his urine and was sodomised by a piece of wood by the authorities.

How can we condemn the war crimes thousands of miles away when we have real torture taking place in our borders?

The last speaker on the motion was YB Amiruddin Shari. He spoke on the heritage of freedom that is a common thread across all cultures and that must be upheld at its utmost importance.

Earlier in the day, the Abolish ISA movement submitted a memorandum to the Menteri Besar YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Khalid Ibrahm and distributed anti-ISA badges to all the Pakatan Assemblymen and women. Tan Sri Khalid promised to provide support to all the family of the detainees especially those residing in Selangor.

Interestingly, during the evening debate about the ISA, the Opposition bench was entirely empty!

  • lanwm

    that should have been a good speech by you YB. wonder why all opposition YBs were not there. Not brave to hear the truth about ISA?

  • sandyow

    If it’s so difficult to abolish ISA maybe the least that could be done is to make sure the detainees are given more humane and fair treatment. In my opinion.

  • Muhammad Ali

    Saudara Nik,
    Interested with Tan Sri Khalid’s pledge to aid the families of ISA detainees.

    Anyway, can your boss be more decisive on the Grand Saga & Bandar Mahkota Cheras controversy? His indecisiveness over issues like EXCO asset declaration (which is just resolved…after 2 months the issue lingered) really get on people nerve.

    He is a corporate guy, making decision is surely his cup of tea.
    Unless there is some hidden interest here and there…
    (which I believe is so)
    Whatever else is hidden?
    Whither transperancy?

    ***Just my humble two cents

  • lan

    You may be wondering about the strange headline for this post. If you have been reading papers for the past few days, you would be aware of the whole Bandar Mahkota Cheras and Cheras-Kajang Expressway barricade issue.

    Basically, the gist of it is that the residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras have been using a recently constructed link road to enter the highway which allowed them to bypass the Batu 11 toll plaza. Using the link road, their journey is shorter and they would only have to pay toll at the Batu 9 toll plaza. This of course reduces revenue for the highway’s concessionaire, Grand Saga Sdn Bhd.

    So Grand Saga put up a barrier, blocking the link road. The result: residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras have to pay the additional toll at the Batu 11 toll place, but that’s not all.

    According to the Malay Mail they have to travel an additional 6km because of the detour. In times where the government is bleeding from fuel subsidies, companies like Grand Saga Sdn Bhd which operate the Cheras-Kajang Expressway have erected barricades to block a link road that shortens commuting distance, which directly saves fuel.

    On a car that consumes 8 liters per 100km, an additional 6km means an extra 0.48 liters of fuel consumed per journey, or 14.4 liters of fuel a month. Multiply this by a thousand residents who drive and that’s 14400 liters of fuel. Multiply that by 12 months – 172800 liters of fuel wasted a year. Oh, and I almost forgot… multiply that by a two way journey and you get 345600 liters per year.

    Assuming a subsidy of RM1 per liter, that’s RM345,600 of government cash spent per year. And that’s just 1000 cars, without considering that a lot of cars consume more than 8 liters per 100km. In reality, a non-highway detour route would most likely have lots of slow, stop-and-go traffic, increasing fuel consumption significantly. We may be looking at an actual figure of 12 to 15 liters per 100km.

    the above is taken from

  • pearlyrose

    It is a step in the right direction to have dialogue (or in this case monologues – as Opposition members avoided issue by absenteeism)on ISA. PR has to build up the pressure to abolish this inhumane and unnecessary law at subsequent state assemblies in all PR states and Parliament. It is strange that the defense of the ISA rests upon the fallacy that national security issues do not require stringent investigative procedures or adhere to laws of evidence. If there really was a plot to topple the govt or incite racial unrest, wouldn’t there be a trail of evidence that the police would want to follow to prevent these nefarious plots and take the perpetrators to court to punish them and deter others? Instead people are dragged out of their homes (shades of the Secret Police in Iron Curtain countries half a century ago) and incarcerated without due cause with practically no opportunity for a case review. Judges who do question these cases when brought for review are intimidated into toeing the line. As long as the Opposition in all PR states takes the arrogant stand of ignoring the voice of the people, they have only themselves to thank if they continue to populate the Opposition section for years to come

  • ethereal

    “Interestingly, during the evening debate about the ISA, the Opposition bench was entirely empty!”

    not interesting, but very disappointing indeed. if 1/3 of the wakil rakyat of the most advanced state in the country can’t even take a debate and are therefore intellectual midgets, how can we, as a nation, be expected to have the intellectual capacity to compete in a world where the oft-quoted “survival of the fittest” maxim rings truer and truer?

    the BN ADUNs should be heckled for running away from intelligent discourses, but instead hiding behind childish potshots that insult the maturity of the common men on the street.

  • anokoghetupat

    Salam Perjuangan… Semoga kita semua berjaya

  • Matahari

    The state govt have to make sure the “Makkal Sakthi” wave is allways there and do not die off. Please offer the free bus service as request by Wathya Moorthy. And please offer other programs to remember the people who have sacrifice…

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