10×10: 100 Minutes to Change the World Launch Video

08 May 2008 | videos | by | 3 Komen

  • llehs

    It seem like everyone in the crowd ignoring your speech. The sound of the crowd chatting to each other is too obvious. Maybe your politically inclined speech is not what their looking for. Next time don’t just talk politic in all event you attend. Just my 2 cents

  • A.N

    It is not about the speaker. I’ve found his speech rather than well meaning. Instead, the audience, even though they didn’t have any interest, should show some respect, at least to themselves. Or have our Malaysian values been forgotten?

    Oh btw, don’t invite a singer if you don’t want to listen to a song.

  • http://maddruid.com Hafiz

    Ilehs, the room had the doors open and just outside is the book fair. I was there and I observed that the audience actually listened to him. The noise was due to the crowd outside.

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