Blogging against the Machine

30 Nov 2006 | Current Affairs, Personal | by | 16 Komen

I appear (but just a bit) in a feature in the latest .net magazine, UK. The main focus is Jeff Ooi, and blogging amidst Malaysia’s restrictive laws.

.net magazine is aimed at webdesigners.

The writer is India-based Scott Carney, who was here for a week while sorting out his visa in India!

When Imaan showed my photo in the magazine, her friend, taken aback by the bright pink cover remarked: “Why is your husband appearing in girls’ mag?”

Why would a bald old man appear in the cover of a girls’ mag?

  • menj

    Do you have the article?

    – MENJ

  • bangku

    menj must surely be jealous he wasn’t featured in the mag 😛


    menj’s Q is a fair one. otherwise is just like bragging! anyway never heard of this periodical …hmmmm

  • Idlan

    I actually have that magazine on my night stand, tak belek lagi. Do you have a copy or do you want me to bring it back for you?

  • Nik Nazmi

    Menj and Idlan – I do have a copy. But it’s bloody expensive in Malaysia!

  • Enma Ai

    Go read it at the magazine store if you can’t buy it. Haha…

  • menj

    Err…this is going to sound egoistical, but was I mentioned?

    – MENJ

  • Idlan

    It’s expensive by magazine standards here too. £6.99; almost the cost of a full-priced fiction book.

  • Nik Nazmi

    It was quite brief. Focused mainly on Jeff Ooi, with mentions of Steven Gan, YB Kit Siang and me.

    But Scott Carney was thinking of submitting another piece on Malaysia to Wired. Not sure whether that has anything to do with us.

  • ‘Abidin

    I expect to see you featured in Glamour or Cosmo next!

  • Idlan

    Don’t erm.. Vanity Fair do a fancy spread of celebs in priceless poses at one time or another? Maybe they’d do one on the Malaysian bloggers blogging against the machine…

  • Imran Idris

    Let’s hope they don’t force these bloggers into what you call ‘priceless poses’! Oh man, there goes my appetite…

  • a malaysian in riyadh

    Hmm-would be interesting isn’t it if an event manager organise an Anugerah Blog Malaysia. And ask us really really critical and enlightened fan to vote for our favourite? What will be the appropriate categories, then? Idlan would have no problem being shorlisted for Blog PhD Terbaik or such like. I have three curent nominations for Anugerah Blog yang di Nanti-nanti – Nungsari Radhi, Zaharon Nain, Azmi Sharom …. (perhaps slightly biased but readers can add other contenders to the list to make it wholesome).

  • Nik Nazmi

    I concur – Nungsari Radhi and Azmi Shaharom… – Anugerah Blog Yang Dinanti-Nanti.

  • a malaysian in riyadh

    If materialise, ABM is going to be very competitive. Fans would be hard-pressed to choose a winner from so many quality blogs. There is a lot of fresh air out there and a slew of varieties too – H. Rais, Marina M, Zaharah O. (aka Kak Teh) just to name a few.

  • Scott Carney

    The article is now available from the .net online archives, though the photos are not up as far as I can tell. At present I’ve not gotten around to writing a follow up piece for Wired. I’m waiting for another news hook.

    Anyway, download it here:

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