Media Statement: The Latest Development on the PKNS Sports Complex Kelana Jaya

I welcome the decision of PKNS to withdraw their appeal on the redevelop of the PKNS Sports Complex at the Selangor Appeals Board yesterday.

The residents led by the Selamatkan Padang Rakyat Committee have fought long and hard against the redevelopment of the field. They have exposed the existence of the unlawful versions of the Petaling Jaya Local Plan 2 where the PKNS Sports Complex is zoned as commercial instead of recreational zone in the original and legitimate Local Plan. This was acknowledged by the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency and today, the Appeals Board.

The decision is therefore a great victory for the people. I congratulate the residents for their courage and perseverance in this issue.

While PKNS is fully within its rights to resubmit the matter, it cannot be insensitive to the fact that they are not doing the people of Selangor any favours by pursuing this case any further. MBPJ has twice rejected their application and now PKNS has withdrawn their appeal at the Appeals Board.

Too much time, money and effort has been wasted in this matter.

I therefore call on PKNS and the caretaker Pakatan Rakyat government of Selangor, should it be re-elected, to respect the legal Local Plan where the PKNS Sports Complex is part of a recreational zone.

This I believe will be the best path for the people of SS7 Kelana Jaya, the PKNS Sports Complex and the state as a whole.

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